Lavigna Calabrian Delicatessen

“Our cured meats hold the aromas, flavors and shapes of the calabrian cured meats tradition. An ancient tradition made by common men who produced cured meats manually at home for personal need, paying specific attention to it as a form of pride to guests. An experience to savor. “

(Lavigna Family)

The history

The history of the “Lavigna delicatessen ” started in 1966 when Mr Antonio Lavigna gave birth to a butchery that also produced a small quantity of cured pork meats from the Calabrian tradition…[more]

The ancient recipe

The recipe we carry forward is a recipe handed down in our family from generation to generation, since time immemorial and that Antonio Lavigna has developed to comply with the regulations for the sale…[more]

Production Techniques

Over time, the demand for our cured meats has increased, consequently also the production has had to adapt with more efficient and hygiene and healt processes, but …[more]

Raw materials

The pigs we use for the preparation of our cured meats are strictly pigs of national breeding, grown up with particular attention to their health and diet that we suggest ourselves and …[more]


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