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The history of the “Lavigna delicatessen ” started in 1966 when Mr Antonio Lavigna gave birth to a butchery that also produced a small quantity of cured pork meats from the Calabrian tradition. Over time he realized that a lot of people liked his products, so he decided to channel his forces more and more on the production of cured meats, turning the butcher shop into a modest family-run factory. The choice of Mr. Antonio was a success, with the constant increase in demand also increased production allowing the Lavignas to cross the borders of the Calabria region and be appreciated in other Italian regions, especially by the emigrant calabrian people, who find in them a unique, traditional and different flavor compared to national cured meats. Today our cured meats are present in almost all the Italian regions. The distinctive characteristics that characterize the Lavigna’s products and that lead them to still be appreciated and praised today, are the ancient recipe of Antonio Lavigna, the artisanal production processes and the quality of raw materials. Today, the family business is based on the sons of Antonio: Santino and Salvatore Lavigna. Them, with passion and open mind, manage the business, paying attention to respect the distinctive characteristics of the products and the company values handed down by their father, but at the same time using the innovations of the food sector, to enhance, communicate and commercialize their cured meats. In this way they succeeded in making their products more and more known also abroad, thus guaranteeing a rosy and prosperous future for the family’s factory.

The Ancient Recipe

The recipe we carry forward is a recipe handed down in our family from generation to generation, since time immemorial and that Antonio Lavigna has developed to comply with the regulations for the sale, without changing the flavor or the distinctive characteristics. Our recipe includes the use of spices that nature offers spontaneously in Calabria and that make the taste of our meats is unique and recognizable throughout the board of Italian cured meats.

Production Techniques

Over time, the demand for our cured meats has increased, consequently also the production has had to adapt with more efficient and hygiene and healt processes, but trying to mediate and leave the manual operations unchanged which give less stress to the meat and the unique shapes of the cured meats. Overall, the processing varies very little from how it was done at home.

Raw Materials

The pigs we use for the preparation of our cured meats are strictly pigs of national breeding, grown up with particular attention to their health and diet that we suggest ourselves and which allows us to have meat with particular characteristics essential for the distinctiveness of our products.


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